Optimal outcomes for our patients.


Be an advanced extension of the referring veterinarian’s practice utilising state-of-the-art equipment, progressive techniques, clinical expertise and premium care.


Have HEART – have respect and value for the animal soul.  “The secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient”. Francis Peabody 1927
Be AVAILABLE – provide a service that responds to need, with readily available access to specialist surgeons.
Be CONSTANT – our surgical service will endure with commitment to the veterinary community for service and education. 
Embrace TECHNOLOGY – apply the latest and most effective technological advances based on expert assessment of the current literature and research.
HONESTY – we will approach every patient with an unbiased and honest assessment.


Veterinary Specialists Auckland began as a specialist surgical service that started in 2000 at the VSG Hospital in Carrington Rd, Mt Albert. The practice was started by Dr Alex Walker who had been providing referral surgical service in Auckland since 1984. VSG Hospital was the first stand alone multidiscipline veterinary hospital in NZ. Soon after opening, Dr Richard Jerram joined the fledgling surgical team. Dr Alastair Coomer joined us in 2011 as an associate and he became a partner in 2014. Over the last two years, we have been joined by Dr Kyle Clark and Dr Damian Chase, to bring the team to five surgeons strong, and we now operate out of two specialist hospitals in Auckland – VSA Hospital in Sylvia Park and VSG Hospital in Mt Albert.

The Veterinary Specialists Auckland Hospital was opened in April 2016 as a brand new facility and has been a great success with excellent support from primary practitioners all over Auckland. The in-house CT has also been well received by referring veterinarians as they realise that this modality can advance the diagnosis and optimise management of their patients.

Since our opening last year, our imaging service has joined forces with the VSG imaging service to create Veterinary Specialist Imaging and this is now based at both the Sylvia Park and Mt Albert hospitals. This is an exciting merger because Veterinary Specialists Auckland has the only private surgical service with on-site specialists in veterinary diagnostic imaging offering ultrasound and radiology at both locations, in-house CT at Sylvia Park and off-site MR imaging. The Veterinary Specialist Imaging team is composed of Dr Mike Coleman, Dr Devon Thompson and Dr Ben Wernham. In what we believe is a NZ first , we have partnered with Mercy Radiology (human health care providers) and this has allowed us access to state-of-the-art radiotherapy with Auckland Radiation Oncology. Over the last year we have had a small but significant number of patients use this service.

Our Veterinary Specialists Auckland Hospital has an in-house physiotherapy service (VSA Physiotherapy) run by board registered human physiotherapists with post-graduate Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy (UK). This team is headed by Sarah Cruickshank. This service of physiotherapy and rehabilitation using under-water-treadmill, low level laser and other modalities has been of huge benefit to our patients recovering from orthopaedic and neurological procedures. Both in-patient and out-patient services are available.

This year we have also partnered with Dr Rosemary Price to create VS A&E, who provide expert overnight care for our patients and an emergency service outside normal business hours. Sick patients, or those undergoing surgery, cannot be left alone overnight so Rosemary’s team of passionate veterinarians make sure that they are monitored and well cared for during the wee hours and on the weekends. This has been an essential part of providing 24-hour care, 7-days a week care for the hospital. VS A&E also offers overnight care for patients in need from the surrounding general practices.

We also have a specialist dermatologist, Dr Debbie Simpson – The Skin Vet – working with us at our Sylvia Park location three days a week. Debbie was one of our interns in 2008 and then she moved to Australia to complete her specialist training. Debbie brings another valuable service to our patients and it is lovely to have her back in NZ with us.

We continue to strive to bring the best of care to our patients and ensure that their owners have the best options for optimal outcomes. We can now do that as an integrated unit at two locations across Auckland.

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