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Veterinary Nursing at VSA

At VSA, we pride ourselves in having, what we believe to be, the most experienced and technically capable team of nurses in New Zealand working across our three locations.

Our nursing team is integral to the day to day running of all departments across our three VSA hospitals.

The patients in our care often require an intensive level of support for their recovery and it is through our highly skilled and dedicated nursing team that we are able to discharge them back to their families.  

Our team of nurses work in all areas of the hospital including-  

  • Surgery
  • Anaesthesia
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Internal Medicine
  • Hospital Wards
  • Emergency Services at VS A&E

Our nurses are the heart of our hospitals and are constantly striving to make sure every patient and owner’s experience is the best it can be.


VSA was founded by surgeons so it is no surprise that our nurses have an extensive range of knowledge and skill in this area. 

Our nurses assist in all aspects of the Surgery Department. This includes but is not limited to, patient prep, draping, scrubbing in to assist the surgeon and monitoring anaesthesia.


Almost every patient at VSA requires some kind of Diagnostic Imaging. Our talented Imaging Nurses play an integral part in the diagnostic process, whether this be taking radiographs, helping in ultrasound or acquiring all of our CT images. 

The skills that our nurses have in this area are invaluable to our team and we are lucky to be able to continue this department’s growth with our internal training programmes.

A nurse carefull prepares an animal for a CT scan at the VSA Veterinary Specialist Hospital in NZ

Internal Medicine

As the Internal Medicine Department is growing at VSA so to is the expertise and knowledge of our nursing team. 

Patients being admitted by our Internal Medicine Department often need to have a variety of diagnostic procedures carried out. This generally makes for interesting and varied days for our nurses. 

Hospital Wards

Our dedicated nursing team manage all of our patients during their stay in hospital whether they are admitted for only a few hours or need to stay with us for longer while they recover.

Our wards team have the skills and experience to handle some of the most intensive care cases that come through our doors. 

Being able to nurse a patient through some of their hardest times and seeing them go home to their families is what makes this role incredibly rewarding. Not to mention, this is the department that gets the most kisses and tail wags out of any other.

A nurse in our animal emergency centre cares for a cat - at VSA, Specialist Animal Hospital in NZ


This is our department that never sleeps. The incredible VS A&E nurses are available 24/7 when our clients and patients need them the most. 

This group of extremely passionate nurses thrive in our fast-paced VS A&E department. No shift is ever the same and the unpredictable nature of this role means that these nurses are always ready 24/7 for whoever happens to walk through the door.

Our VS A&E nurses are currently only based at our Sylvia Park hospital.




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