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The VSA Team is what makes our hospitals

VSA Auckland West. NZ's Newest Specialist Veterinary Hospital
VSA Christchurch - specialist animal hospital in the south island




It is no cliche to say that it is our entire team that makes VSA such a special place. Without a diverse team of professionals we would not be able to offer the advanced care that we do.

We have 3 specialist animal hospitals across New Zealand, 2 in Auckland and 1 in Christchurch and a growing team of dedicated people.

We have grown to become NZ’s leading Specialist Animal Care organisation but at the heart of it, we are still a nurturing, caring business with a family feel. 

It would be obvious to most people that our specialists, vets and nurses are critical to our animal care and the services we offer, but so too are our support office teams, reception teams, animal care assistants and cleaning staff.

Each and every one of the VSA team has a vital role to play in enabling us to offer advanced care for NZ’s pets and that also means we can offer a diverse range of career opportunities.


At VSA we offer a unique workplace, with unique opportunities. We are proud of the advanced levels of care that we provide to our patients and this ethos of excellence and passion for animal care is found in all parts of our business. Our hospitals are purpose-built centres with state-of-the-art animal care facilities and technology.

We are an enthusiastic and motivated team and we all have a passion for animals and their care.  Our culture has evolved enormously over the past few years but we have maintained a smaller, family-focused feel across our hospitals and a supportive and fun culture

To be a part of VSA is to be a part of our family and with that in mind, we care for everyone in our team.

VSA's commitment to diversity and inclusivity is a part of who we are

We believe that everyone at every level in our organisation plays a role in creating a diverse and inclusive environment. For us, it is not about a policy but a commitment and way of being, with a drive to empower every person to achieve more with us. 

Diversity in our team is an important element that contributes to making VSA the special place to work that it is. 

Regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or cultural background, our careers paths are equal, balanced and fair. We value a broad range of perspectives and contributions and seek out diverse talent when we recruit team members. 

Roles across a wide range of specialties

If you are looking for a role where you can excel in what you do, delivering outstanding results day-to-day, a role in one of our animal hospitals might be for you.

Our team includes roles focusing on:
- Finance
- IT
- Office management & Administration
- Reception and Client relations
- Animal Care
- Cleaning & Hygiene staff
- Veterinary Nursing
- Qualified Veterinarians
- Emergency and Out of Hours Veterinarians
- Specialist Veterinarians

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