We offer specialist physiotherapy service for cats and dogs at both our Sylvia Park and Mount Albert hospitals for animals that need extra help with mobility, recovery from injury, rehabilitation or arthritis. Both your regular veterinarian and your VSA specialist should be able to inform you on how physiotherapy can help your pet.

The VSA Physiotherapy team provide in-depth physiotherapy assessments and treatments to speed recovery and maximise outcomes.  Sarah Cruickshank and her team of Veterinary Physiotherapists lead the field of veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation in this country.

Check out our video for an introduction to the VSA Physiotherapy team and an insight into our technology and facilities.

VSA Physiotherapy Service


World-class physiotherapy facilities

The facility at VSA includes some of the best equipment available including K-laser, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and exercise rehabilitation equipment.  One of the features of the service is the underwater treadmill, which assists in recovery of strength, proprioception, ambulation and mobility in our patients with neurological or orthopaedic disease.

Surgical patients have immediate in-house physiotherapy input while at VSA as in-patients, in order to maximise recovery and restore function after surgery.  Pet owners are given individualised home exercise programmes and education by one of our physiotherapists, ensuring our patients receive the highest standard of continued care.

Με την αδιάκοπη κατάχρηση αιθανόλης, η θεραπεία με αιθανόλη οδηγεί σε στοχευμένη εξάρτηση δέσμευσης τόσο στη δίαιτα ETOH όσο και στους ωθήσεις που έλαβαν θεραπεία με ETOH, η οποία προκαλείται από ένα έντονο αλλά κατασταλμένο σύνδρομο απόσυρσης αιθανόλης. Αυτές οι ανεπιθύμητες ενέργειες μπορούν να προχωρήσουν μετά τη χορήγηση των χημικών ουσιών με οποιαδήποτε οδό, αν και το σύνδρομο στέρησης τείνει να μειωθεί λόγω γενετικών επιδράσεων που σχετίζονται με τη νευραξική χορήγηση.
We have taken our puppy to VSA for two incidents, one being a broken leg. Their service was impeccable – the staff are all wonderful to deal with and thanks to their work our pup’s broken leg healed in the best possible way after surgery. In a stressful situation, it really put our mind at ease knowing our pup was getting the best care possible. Highly recommend VSA.

Siobhan O'Sullivan

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I ended up here with my poor cat whom I ran over by accident over Easter. I was extremely happy with the service I received. The staff were all very friendly, professional and had great communication. The vet we dealt with was thorough and knowledgeable. It was a very stressful day knowing I’d injured my poor pet, but the staff were really lovely. Thank goodness my cat is ok and used the first of his 9 lives. I am really grateful for the quality, honest care they provided. Thank you to the team at VSA.

Nicky Lowe

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Highly recommended! Our cat had minor surgery at our usual vet, but unfortunately the wound opened on a weekend when our vet was closed. VSA were so helpful and the team were extremely kind. It’s very good to know VSA are there 24/7 to help. Thank you!

Susan R

Looked after my darling girl when she suddenly passed overnight. Staff and facility were great. I felt at peace leaving her with this team. Treatment towards me was very caring after she had parted.

Connyr Atiga

Οι κορμοί EoE και τα διουρητικά δοκιμάζονται θετικά γρήγορα και οι δοκιμές αντισωμάτων τροφίμων, εκτός από τα θετικά αποτελέσματα βιοψίας για τα αεροαλλεργία. Οι ασυμπτωματικές αιμορροΐδες Baclofen μειώνουν τον σοβαρό κίνδυνο για τους ασθενείς σε μεγαλύτερο βαθμό και πρέπει να είναι ευεργετικές.
Had my elderly cat put down over the weekend as she suddenly got very unwell , kind caring nurses looked after us. Highly recommend.

Pamela Hayde

We phoned VSA over the weekend with concerns over our cat, Oscar who had a nasty bite wound – we received wonderful advice over the phone. We ended up taking our cat in to the Sylvia Park branch and we were looked after Dr H Lu. She was absolutely amazing. She had a calming presence and despite being in pain, our cat was relaxed and calm with her. Dr Lu was very caring and you could tell she truly cares and loves animals. She took her time examining Oscar and treating him and spent a great deal of time patiently explaining everything to us and answering our questions. I was very impressed and touched by her compassion and caring nature. Dr Lu explained the charges and checked it was all ok before proceeding which was good. She was not pushy and we really felt she went over and above particularly in an emergency when we were stressed and concerned. Very impressed!

Christine Ranjan

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Amazing people, truly care for the animals. Highly recommended if you need a top-class surgeon.

Alysia Redmond

Thanks to the team at VSA for performing surgery on my bulldog who had Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome. They looked after her very very well. We got plenty of updates while she was in there. Great team, amazing job!

Mikayla Ahkiau

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This team is amazing and the reason​ my cat is still here!

Lynne Brannagan

We took our 18 year old cat to be put down as she had become unwell and although it was upsetting to say goodbye the team at VSA were very caring and kind. Thanks goes to the team at Sylvia Park, you do a great job and I highly recommend your services.

Amanda Lane



Director VSAP & Principal Physiotherapist

Sarah Cruickshank

Director VSAP & Principal Physiotherapist


Veterinary Physiotherapist

Ashley Young

Veterinary Physiotherapist


Advanced Canine Hydrotherapist (NZACH)

Hannah Sadler 

Veterinary Physiotherapist


Veterinary Physiotherapist

Georgia Sumner-Davis

Veterinary Physiotherapist

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