Position: Registered Specialist Internal Medicine


Wen-Jie graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2012 and went into a rotating internship at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Canada. She then worked briefly in emergency in Melbourne before moving to Perth for an internal medicine internship and residency at Murdoch University, which she completed in 2019. She stayed on as a medicine registrar for a year before planning a move to Auckland in 2020. She became a European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2021 and finally managed to arrive in New Zealand shortly afterwards.

Wen-Jie is interested in neurology, infectious diseases and feline medicine. 

Wen-Jie is looking forward to exploring the mountains and beaches of New Zealand. She loves mountain biking, hiking and skiing but likes to dabble in many other outdoor activities as well. 

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