Vicky Hill | Registered Veterinary Nurse | VSA
Vicky - Veterinary Nurse at VSA - Veterinary Specialists Aotearoa

Vicky Hill

Position: Head Surgical Nurse – Mt Albert 


I graduated with a Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing from the Royal College (RCVS, England) in 2009.

I started at our Mt Albert Hospital in 2011 as a Surgery Nurse and have been in my Head Surgical Nurse role since 2020.

I wanted to work at VSA as I was new to NZ and looking for a team that would challenge me and develop my newly qualified nursing skills. VSA is that team!

We have a culture of striving to always look at how we can do better and we take every case, whether the outcome is happy or sad, as a learning opportunity to allow us to improve our knowledge and the subsequent outcome for future patients. It is an environment of constant learning which keeps every day fresh and exciting. 

The favourite part of my job has never changed, regardless of the role or any title that I have carried at any given moment in time. I still have and will always have, an absolute love for the peri-operative care of our patients and providing them with the level of physical and mental care that I would expect for my own pets. Patient’s that require the advanced services that VSA provides, have generally either already had quite a journey or are very acutely unwell/injured, so the joy for me is being able to make the rest of their journey as physically and mentally comfortable as possible.  

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