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What is overnight monitoring?

Sometimes your pet will need to stay in hospital and be monitored overnight.  

If this is the case, your vet may request that your pet is transferred to a 24/7 hospital like VSA so that we can monitor and look after them overnight.  

Our 24/7 A&E team are experienced, caring and compassionate veterinarians and nurses who are ready to provide the very best care for your pets if they need to be transferred for overnight monitoring

What does overnight monitoring include:

We understand you may be a little anxious about leaving your pet overnight.  We will always ensure your pets are extremely well looked after, and receive the very best care during their stay.
Here is what to expect with our overnight monitoring service:
  • Veterinary assessment on admission and discharge
  • Both a veterinarian and at least one nurse will be on site and overseeing your pet’s care at all times
  • General medical or post-operative monitoring overnight
  • IV fluid therapy if required; patient must arrive with an IV catheter in place.  Speak to your vet about this.
  • 1x IV replacement if necessary. Additional IV placements, and any sedation required for placement will be charged.
  • Blood pressure monitoring, as required.
  • Pain relief, antibiotics and listed medications administered as requested by your vet
  • Please note that we are also happy to administer other medications your vet has prescribed and sent, provided they are clearly labelled.
VSA Overnight Monitoring for Clients Cat

What if your pet needs additional treatment?

As long as your pet is stable, we can add on additional tests or medications. Often these are requested by your vet; for example, a repeat radiograph or blood test overnight to make sure your pet’s progress is as expected. We will provide an estimate for any additional treatments when we admit your pet to hospital.

If your pet’s status has changed and/or our vet believes that your pet is not stable, this package is not appropriate. We will discuss this with you in your admission consult, and make an alternative plan for care.

Pricing Structure

Please be aware that this fixed price package is intended for overnight care of stable patients only.

$375: admission after 6pm and discharge before 7.30am

$425: admission after midday and discharge before 7.30am OR admission after 6pm and discharge before 10am 

$475: admission after midday and discharge before 10am.

Working together with your vet

Our goal is to provide an extension of the care that your pet has received during the day, with the peace of mind of full veterinary supervision overnight.

We understand that you have a strong relationship with your vet and there is already a clear plan for managing your pet’s health. You may even be nervous about having someone new involved in your pet’s care. The goal with these patients is for your vet to remain the primary vet in charge of the patient, with the A&E team providing monitoring and treatment at your vet’s direction overnight. 

We have provided your vet with some guidelines so that we can make this happen. Once the pet is admitted, we shouldn’t need to contact either you or your vet for any further information.

However, in the event that your pet’s condition does change overnight and we think he or she needs a little more care, we will contact you as the owner directly unless your veterinarian has specifically requested otherwise. In the event that we are unable to contact your veterinarian within a reasonable time frame, the A&E vet on duty will become the primary vet for the duration of the hospitalisation and you will then be contacted.  Your normal veterinarian will then become your primary vet again once you have been discharged.

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