Position: Veterinary Physiotherapist

Email: helen@vetphysio.co.nz

Helen grew up with animals and always knew that she wanted to work with them. She rode from an early age, competed as a show-jumper, and also tried drag hunting and polocrosse. Animal health and performance, and the connection between horse and rider, were of enormous interest to her, and veterinary physiotherapy became the obvious career choice. She qualified as a human physiotherapist at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, then moved to England and completed her MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy (with merit) at the Royal Veterinary College of London. She presented the findings of her thesis at the International Conference on Equine and Canine Locomotion (ICEL 7) in Sweden in 2012, and her paper (Head and pelvic movement symmetry in horses during circular motion and in rising trot) was published in The Veterinary Journal.

Helen has worked in South Africa (where she had the amazing opportunity to work with the Kyalami Lipizzaners), England and Denmark, specialising in horses, dogs and cats, as well as human athletes (especially riders). She loves helping her patients to optimise their function and performance, and to achieve a better quality of life. She is passionate about what she does, and has been looking for the right place to invest all her enthusiasm and energy. She moved to New Zealand in 2014 to become a member of the Vetphysio team.

Helen has a real interest in orthotics, assistative and rehabilitation products and will be travelling to the USA later this year to embark on intensive training in custom splinting and bracing for small animals.