Dr Olivia Patterson | Registered Veterinarian | A&E at VSA
Dr Olivia Patterson - Registered Vet at VSA - Veterinary Specialists Aotearoa

Dr Olivia Patterson

Position: VS A&E Veterinarian

Email: emergency@vsnz.co.nz

Olivia graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from Massey University in 2019 and has been in her current role of VS A&E vet since March 2021.

Olivia’s values as a veterinarian are both practicing high quality medicine and providing compassionate care to clients and their pets. VSA’s values align completely with her own, which is why Olivia believes it is a fantastic place for her to work as a veterinarian.

Olivia’s favourite part of the job is being in a position to provide calm, compassionate and logical advice to clients that are worried about their pets. Emotions often are running high when someone’s pet is presented as an emergency. Olivia finds purpose in forming trusting relationships with these clients, setting realistic expectations for them and looking after their pets as if they were my own.

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