About Veterinary Specialists Auckland


Optimal outcomes for our patients.


Be an advanced extension of the referring veterinarian’s practice utilising state-of-the-art equipment, progressive techniques, clinical expertise and premium care.


Have HEART – have respect and value for the animal soul.  “The secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient”. Francis Peabody 1927

Be AVAILABLE – provide a service that responds to need, with readily available access to specialist surgeons.

Be CONSTANT – our surgical service will endure with commitment to the veterinary community for service and education. 

Embrace TECHNOLOGY – apply the latest and most effective technological advances based on expert assessment of the current literature and research.

HONESTY – we will approach every patient with an unbiased and honest assessment.


VSA hospital is an extension of the surgical service at VSG (still the same core team of Dr Alex Walker, Dr Richard Jerram, Dr Alastair Coomer) driven by the requirement for more space and the need to have an on-site CT. The new hospital also has a full in-house and out-patient physiotherapy service with underwater treadmill equipment.

Since the inception of VSG in 2000, the surgical practice has grown from one to four surgeons and the case load has increased dramatically in numbers and variety (complexity, oncology, reconstruction), driven by advances in imaging, surgical techniques and pre/post-operative management. Over two years ago we realised that there were compelling reasons to expand to another site in Auckland:

  • The pressure to provide CT imaging on-site where anaesthesia can be better managed, especially in more complex cases. This involved the creation of Veterinary Specialists Auckland Imaging (VSAI).
  • The long held vision of having an on-site physiotherapy service with the ability to provide underwater treadmill therapy for our neurological and orthopaedic patients. This is to be run by trained and registered physiotherapists and will be Veterinary Specialists Auckland Physiotherapy (VSAP).
  • The ability for the surgical service to expand with more room for everything from consultation to diagnostics, treatment, surgery and post-operative care. The on-site CT will allow for the advancement of surgical techniques in a more expedient way. Expansion will also allow addition of further specialist surgeons to the practice.
  • The rapid growth of Auckland City has created frustrating traffic delays for clients trying to get to VSG particularly from the East and South of Auckland. We realised that a hospital on the East side of Auckland would be beneficial to the veterinarians and clients from these regions of the city. The location just off Carbine Road, Sylvia Park, fulfils this requirement perfectly.